Need a place to display all of your pictures and spectacular home decor items? Look no farther because these beautiful yet functional Coat Rack with Shelves will look amazing hanging in any room of your home or office and give you the needed organization space that you are desperately looking for.

Each shelf is handcrafted from solid wood and painted white with your choice of stain colors for the top shelf and 3 options of Heavy Duty double hooks installed on each shelf to give you all the space you need to hang your items.

Grab the signs shown in photos in matching color options available @


    • 18" -  3 Hooks
    • 24" -  4 Hooks
    • 30" -  5 Hooks
    • 36" -  6 Hooks
    • 42" -  7 Hooks
    • 48" -  8 Hooks

    • 54" -  9 Hooks


    • 8"- 10" (length dependent)
Shelf Depth:
    • 3.5"
Hook Finishes:
    • Black
    • Satin Nickel
    • Oil Rubbed Bronze
Hardware Provided:
    • Screws
    • Drywall Anchors
    • Heavy Duty Keyhole Hangers

Each piece of wood used varies in grains, knots, & holes, and adds to each items own unique rustic charm, all will be filled before applying the finish on the item.

 We always attempt to make your items as close in resemblance to the item shown as possible.
Please contact us with any special request, color options, or questions.



If one or more items in your order has an extended ship date, your loan payment(s), including interest, may be due before the merchant ships all of the items. Please note that you may not receive a rebate of any interest that may have already accrued on an amount that later gets refunded.

Farmhouse Style Coat Rack Shelf | Distressed

PriceFrom $130.00